Pink Oyster Liquid Culture

High-quality Pink Oyster liquid culture that has been prepared using pure mushroom cultures and nutrient-rich malt and yeast extracts. Liquid cultures made from pure cultures are generally more reliable and faster colonizing than those made from spores or other forms of mushroom tissue. The use of pure cultures can also result in more consistent and higher-quality mushroom yields.

In addition, the use of liquid mycelium for colonizing grain spawn can be more efficient and effective than traditional agar wedge techniques. Liquid mycelium can be evenly distributed throughout the grain, resulting in faster colonization and a higher rate of successful colonization. This can lead to higher bioactivity in the final product.

However, it is important to note that the quality of the final mushroom product is also dependent on many other factors, such as the quality of the substrate, environmental conditions, and the skill and experience of the cultivator.

What does your order contain:

BD™ Safety-Lok™ syringe containing Pink Oyster liquid culture
18g x 1.5inch BD™ microlance needle
70% isopropyl alcohol swab



Pink Oyster liquid culture refers to a type of mushroom culture used to cultivate Pink Oyster mushrooms. A liquid culture is a suspension of living fungal cells in a nutrient-rich liquid medium that can be used to inoculate spawn or substrate for mushroom cultivation. Pink Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus djamor) are a tropical species of edible mushroom known for their bright pink to salmon color and delicate flavor.

To create a Pink Oyster liquid culture, spores or tissue from a live Pink Oyster mushroom are first added to a sterilized liquid nutrient medium. The culture is then allowed to grow and multiply in a sterile environment, with constant agitation to ensure proper aeration and nutrient distribution. After a period of time, the liquid culture is used to inoculate sterilized grain or other substrate for mushroom cultivation.

Using a liquid culture can be a more efficient and cost-effective way to inoculate larger quantities of spawn or substrate for mushroom cultivation compared to traditional methods such as spore syringes or agar plates. However, creating a liquid culture requires careful attention to sterilization procedures and proper handling to prevent contamination.


As there are many different ways to use Liquid Mycelium instructions are NOT included. 


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