How to Store Spore Syringes


This guide will show you the best ways to store your spore syringes as well as giving some useful considerations about usage.

how to store a spore syringe

Table of contents:

1. How to store a spore syringe

2. How long do spore syringes last?

3. Is freezing an option?

4. Handling and usage

5. Labelling and identification

6. Are spore syringes or spore prints better for long term storage?

How to store a spore syringe

The short answer is store your spore syringes in a cool, dark and clean place!

When storing spore syringes there are a few considerations to address:

1. Temperature and Environment: Store spore syringes in a cool and dark environment. The ideal temperature range for preserving spore viability typically falls between 2°C to 8°C (35°F to 46°F). Avoid exposure to direct light, maintaining a dark environment to prevent degradation and maintain the spores’ potency.

2. Light Exposure: Avoid exposing spore syringes to direct light. Light exposure can degrade spores and reduce their viability. Store syringes in a dark environment or opaque containers to preserve the potency of the spores over time.

3. Moisture Control: Maintain proper moisture control when storing spore syringes. Excessive moisture can lead to contamination or degradation of the spores. Ensure syringes are stored in a dry environment, utilizing sealed containers or packaging to prevent moisture from compromising the spores’ quality. The fridge is actually quite a wet environment (just look at the condensation on the inside!). For this reason storing spore syringes in the fridge is not generally recommended unless the syringes are properly packaged so that no moisture can get in. 

How long do spore syringes last?

Spore syringes can maintain viability for varying durations. Properly stored spore syringes can last from several months up to a few years while retaining their viability. A more exact answer cannot be given as there are so many variables in addition to the one’s presented above. The exact duration can vary based on factors like storage conditions, sterility, and the spore species or strain. 

Is freezing an option?

DO NOT put your spore syringe in the freezer. This is not because it would be a bummer to have to wait for your syringe to defrost before being able to use. The issue is that the spore cells will burst as the water expands on freezing. Upon defrosting you will be left with a spore syringe full of dead spores.

Handling and usage

If you are using your spore syringe, and then storing to use again later, handling of the spore syringe becomes very important! If you introduce a contaminant, and then store, needless to say the syringe will not be good when you come to use it later.

When handling spore syringes, maintain sterility throughout the process. It is also helpful to use a still air box or flow hood during use. Always use a new sterile needle upon each use (this means you should be attaching the needle without touching and using straight away. If you try and sterilise an already sterile needle you only risk making it unsterile! When using the syringe, employ aseptic techniques and take care to avoid cross-contamination between different substrates or mediums. After each use, store the syringe properly in a clean, sealed container to maintain its sterility for future use.

Labelling and identification


Another consideration for long term storage is labelling. If you have baught one of our spore syringes you can leave it in the packaging provided. If you have made your own spore syringes labelling for later identification becomes a serious consideration.

If labelling the syringe directly use waterproof and smudge-resistant labels to mark the syringes with relevant information such as the spore strain or species, date of creation, and any other pertinent details. Ensure the labels are clear and legible to avoid confusion when storing or using the syringes. Proper identification helps in tracking and managing different spore strains effectively.

Are spore syringes or spore prints better for long term storage?


The simple answer is a properly stored spore print is better for long term storage. The lack of moisture means that one of the variables required for bacteria to grow is eliminated. Determining whether spore syringes or spore prints are better for long-term storage can also depend on personal preference and intended usage.

Spore prints are often favored for long-term storage due to their simplicity and stability. They can last for extended periods (many years in fact) if stored in a dry and cool environment. However, they might require additional steps for rehydration, etc.

On the other hand, spore syringes offer convenience and ease of use. While they can also be stored reasonably long-term if properly stored they most definitley will have a shorter shelf life compared to spore prints.

Ultimately, both methods can be effective for long-term storage, and the choice between spore syringes and spore prints often depends on individual preferences and the specific usage planned.



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