My Bufo Ceremony Experience 

Bufo Alvarius (Sonoran Dessert toad)


Table of contents:

1. What is Bufo Alvarius?

2. What is a Bufo Ceremony?

3. Is smoking Bufo safe?

4. How to prepare for a Bufo Ceremony

5. Why did I do a Bufo Ceremony?

6. My experience smoking 5-MeO-DMT

7. What did I learn from Bufo?

8. How can I have a similar experience?

9. Disclaimers

What is Bufo Alvarius?

Bufo Alvarius is a species of toad commonly known as the Colorado River toad or the Sonoran Desert toad. It secretes a substance called 5-MeO-DMT, a potent psychedelic compound used for its psychoactive effects. In fact 5-MeO-DMT is the most potent psychedelic known to man – it’s about 5 times stronger than DMT!

What is a Bufo Ceremony?

A Bufo ceremony typically involves the inhalation or smoking of the secretion from the Bufo Alvarius toad. This ceremony is often conducted in a ritualistic or ceremonial setting for spiritual or therapeutic purposes, and usually conducted by a shaman who is experienced in working with such substances.

Is smoking Bufo safe?

Like many things – it depends. It would be irresponsible of me to not disclose that smoking Bufo alvarius secretion, which contains 5-MeO-DMT, can be risky and potentially dangerous. It is crucial to consider the potential physical and psychological effects, legality, and possible health risks associated with using this substance. I don’t know of any physical risks although i’m sure there are some (I don’t think I would be taking it if I had a bad heart for example). You should not take 5-meo-dmt if you are on anti depressants because of something called serotonin syndrome. Legally 5-MeO-DMT is a class A drug so not something you want to be caught with.

It is advisable to approach such practices with caution and under the guidance of experienced professionals. Please do your own research!

How to prepare for a Bufo Ceremony


This is the exact guidance I was given prior to attending my Bufo Ceremony:
One week before and after the ceremony abstain from:


* Prescription drugs (if safe to do so)
* Minimize Salt and pepper (e.g table salt, soy sauce, fish sauce, etc.)
* Hot spices/chilies
* Refined sugars and sweets
* Alcohol
* Caffeine (coffee, decaf, black tea)
* Red meat and Pork
* Soft drinks, energy drinks, non-alcoholic beer
* supplements: 5HTP, St. John’s Wort


Four days prior:


* banana
* avocado
* chocolate


In addition to the literal diet that focuses your attention on a select number of foods and drinks, it is also recommended to follow further practices that help cleanse the mind, body, and spirit to prepare you as best as possible and to abstain from all recreational drugs (cocaine, MDMA, LSD, cannabis, microdosing, etc.) and alcohol that may otherwise cloud your chemistry.
We advise you not to take in any other psychedelics or stimulants for about 3 months after yourceremony.Bufois a very potent medicine and can shift your sensitivity and brain chemistry drastically.  It’s also extremely important to cleanse your energetic space in the days before and after theceremony.


This care tends to fall into two general categories:


1) No Sexual activities: When you connect with another person in a sexual way, you share deeply the energy with that person and there is a great deal of spiritual exchange. That exchange may cause you to “absorb“ energies from another person which may not be in line with your own healing and transformation. So, to maintain the integrity and the momentum of your healing it is very important that you keep your energy to yourself. Therefore, we strongly recommend no sexual activities of any kind, including masturbation for one week before.

2)  Energetic space: The spiritual preparation for a healing experience involves clearing your mind and your energetic space. Take a break from your television and Netflix subscription, cut down your Internet time, try to listen to more relaxing music, and spend more time in quiet solitude. Get out into nature as much as you can to breathe and connect with Earth. We also recommend you have long and powerful rests the nights before the ceremony.

Why did I do a Bufo Ceremony?


It’s hard to remember where I first heard about Bufo but I think it was listening to a Mike Tyson podcast. I had also listened to a Patrick Cox interview on Happy Place which further piqued my interest

The year previous to smoking Bufo had been an interesting one. My first child was born and before his first birthday we had moved country twice, I experienced a significant depressive episode (yes dad’s can experience post natal depression too) and was diagnosed with Cancer.  These events created a lot of stress in my life.

Having recovered from the worst of chemotherapy, but still grappling with depression, I was seeking a life affirming experience that could help me move forwards in my life so I could be the best version of myself for my son. I wanted something that involved a ceremony that could mark a pivitol juncture. My first thought was Ayahuasca as I knew this was very accessible but also a time commitment. In researching safe spaces for participating in an Ayauasca ceremony I came across a Bufo ceremony that was being held a couple of weeks later – perfect! What better way to shake me out of my current state than to smoke the strongest psychedelic known to man….

Before the Bufo ceremony


I arrived at the venue unsure of what to expect but very excited. I knew that smoking 5-meo-dmt was a quick 20 – 40 min experience but I didn’t know what the ceremony would involve. On arrival I was quickly put at ease by the affable and welcoming Melissa of Numinity Collective. A ceremony had just finished prior to my arrival and joyous, awe struck faces floated around the venue. Everyone was very nice. Before the ceremony I also met the shaman Ness Dalga. I felt further at ease. Ness has a very caring and motherly quality which really helped me under my current life circumstances. Three other men were waiting to participate in the ceremony with me. It wasn’t long before we were receiving instructions and discussing our intentions for the ceremony.

My experience smoking bufo

On smoking the pipe I rocketed out of my body and instantly flopped back on to my yoga mat with eye mask on as per instructions. There was no come up. It was hard to comprehend what had just happened but it was a feeling akin to how I imagine dying feels (in a good way). In that moment I felt like I wasn’t really concious.

As I started coming back into my body I started to experience what my trip was to be. I had a merging of self with some of my closest relationships. I won’t elaborate much on this as it is personal but it started  with a knowing that my son and I were one which felt very healing and realised a lot of emotion in me. I also experienced pain around where the cancer and surgery had been. A voice was letting me know that the cancer was gone for good (I sincerely hope this proves true).

In the background I started to become aware of indigenous music that further added to the psychedelic experience and authenticity of the experience. I didn’t have much going on visually apart from a white light in the darkness. At some point I could also feel someone’s hand on my heart which made me feel  safe and loved in what was a very vulnerable moment.

What felt like an eternity but was in fact about 30 minutes later I started to fully come back to myself and became more aware of everyone around me. It seemed like I struggled to come back more than the other participants which the hosts picked up on (someone massaged my feet which was very nice of them). I could feel vibrations coming out of my extremities. The Shaman used a sound bowl that somehow helped neutralise the vibration I was experiencing. We all took a hit of Rape (sacred tobacco snuff) which heightened my senses but also launched me back into the psychedelic experience a little.

After the Bufo ceremony

We were then briefed on what to look out for over the coming months and best practices to ensure our safety. We were also told to freely contact about any concerns/ questions in the coming weeks. Melissa also emailed me about a week after the ceremony to see how I was doing which I was touched by. Overall I really enjoyed the experience and found the space held by the hosts to be very loving and caring and not at all transactional which was definitely a fear going in.

What did I learn from Bufo?


First off I want to point out that everyone’s experience is likely to be very different. A huge part of having an experience like this is to take the time to integrate what you have learned after the ceremony. It has taken me about 5 months before I felt ready write about the experience. I should say that Numity Collective also offer integration meetups and I still hope to attend one at some point soon.

The week following the ceremony I felt a lot calmer and less anxious than I had done in recent months/ years. My sleep was better and I had lots of lucid dreams. I still feel like I am processing the experience 5 months on. On balance I would say I got what I was looking for and feel very grateful and enriched by the Bufo ceremony. There is an element of the experience I cannot explain as it is beyond words. Some things in life can only be understood by doing.

How can I have a similar experience?

If you want to participate in a spiritual ceremony of any kind I strongly recommend Melissa@Numinity Collective and Ness Dalga. Please be very careful entering into a Bufo ceremony. You are very vulnerable after smoking Bufo and part the reason I feel compelled to write this article is to promote a safe space I have experienced to explore such practices.




Important: This post is for informational and educational purposes only.

  • The intended use of Bufo alvarius secretion, containing 5-MeO-DMT, is often for spiritual or therapeutic purposes in ceremonies or rituals. However, it is important to note that the legality of using this substance varies by location, and it is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance in many places. It is essential to research and understand the legal implications of possessing, using, or distributing Bufo alvarius secretion before engaging in such practices.
  • This is not an experience for everyone. It’s up to your own judgement whether you fit the profile of someone that can benefit from Bufo. I can only share my experience.
  • I don’t think you should do Bufo “just for fun.” Intention and setting are hugely important when using such a  powerful hallucinogen. This drug has the potential to destabilise your current reality.
  • Do not try Bufo if you are in a bad mental state. This could greatly impact your mental fragility.
  • Individuals with a history of psychosis shouldn’t use any hallucinogenics.
  • SSRI’s are contraindicated with Bufo. Always check with the shaman and event organizer about any medications you’re taking and your health history.
  • This is not a “fix-all” cure. I was able to figure out some emotional stuff with Bufo but it doesn’t mean I was magically healed. You need to put the work in before and after the ceremony as well. Journalling and meditation are great tools to assist with this.
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