Mushroom Grow Kit 500ml Tub (UK only)


Only available for the UK. DO NOT ORDER if you are outside the UK (an admin fee will be charged for refunding if you order outside the UK and we have to issue a refund as we get charged by Paypal for issuing the refund).

Maximum 3 kits per order.

The perfect kit if you’re new to growing mushrooms. It has everything you need, except your chosen spores/ culture, which can be purchased separately. The substrate is: brown basmati rice (ground fresh to order), vermiculite and gypsum, sterilised in an autoclave and ready for inoculation. You can find the guide on how to use this grow kit here.

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This kit is perfect for new mycologists. Instructions for how to use the kit can be found in the "how to" section under grow kit guide.

Please note that this product does not contain a spore or culture syringe. This needs to be purchased separately.

Kit includes:

  • 1 - 3  500ml tubs of substrate
  • 1 - 3  grow tents
  • face mask
  • gloves
  • alcohol wipes
  • paper clips
  • perlite
  • vermiculite