Golden Teacher Spore Print

Golden Teacher spore print sold for the purposes of microscopic study. Each Golden Teacher spore print is legally produced in Jamaica under strict laboratory conditions.

What does your order contain:

Golden Teacher spore print taken on thick foil
Packed and labelled in a clean zip-lock bag

Legal Disclaimer

It is illegal to cultivate Golden Teacher spores in the UK. If you make it known that you intend to use this item for cultivation you will be banned from the website and subsequent purchases will be cancelled. You must be 18 years of age to purchase this item.


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For detailed info regarding our Golden Teacher spores you can read more under the main description on our Golden Teacher spore syringe page. For more information about spore prints in general please read on.

How do I store my Golden Teacher spore print?

Golden Teacher spore prints should be kept in a cool, dark and dry place. When using your spore print it is strongly advisable to do so using a flow hood or a Still Air Box.

How long can I keep my Golden Teacher spore print before using?

Your Golden Teacher spore print can be kept for years before using when stored in the correct conditions as stated above. It is always best to use your spore print at the earliest convenient time. The longer the spore print is kept the higher the chance of contamination to occur.

How do I make Golden Teacher spore syringes using my Golden Teacher spore print?

You can read our handy guide on how to make spore syringes here!

How many Golden Teacher spore syringes can I make with a Golden Teacher spore print?

We would say on average you will be able to make approximately 20 x 10ml spore syringes per Golden Teacher spore print. This can vary plus or minus 10 spore syringes per print. It is complete luck of the draw as density and size vary on every spore print.

Can I purchase Golden Teacher spores pre-made in a spore syringe?

Absolutely! You can buy Golden Teacher spore syringes in 3ml and 10ml spore syringes. Just head over to our Golden Teacher spore page here.

Legal Information

It is currently illegal to cultivate Psilocybe Cubensis spores in the UK and many parts of the world. To learn more about the legality of Psilocybe Cubensis spore syringes please read  Are Spore Syringes Legal?. To read more about the law regarding Psilocybe Cubensis in different countries you can check this wiki page out.


We recommend viewing mushroom spores at a minimum of x400 magnification using a microscope. Learn more about the process of viewing spores under a microscope by reading this abbreviated excerpt, taken from the book “Fascinated by Fungi”, written by Pat O’Reilly. The book can be purchased from Amazon.


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